Friday, July 10, 2009

As if it's really going to happen...

I know that the thought of nuclear disarmament is all fluffy, but the news that Brown plans to reduce Britain's nuclear stockpile as a means to getting North Korea and Iran to stop their programmes is short-sighted silliness.

I suppose on the plus side, at least Brown is not talking about unilateral action. However, the very notion that if the nuclear powers just reduce their weaponary that other states seeking such weapons will stop trying to get them isn't very realistic.

Such a move is basically predicated entirely on the nuclear powers trusting the rogue states like North Korea and Iran to keep to their words. Do they really think that North Korea, a vicious Stalinist state is going to allow "aggressive" inspections?

Frankly, I'd be very surprised if this will ever be more than a neat little PR story for Obama, Brown et al. After all, the Pentagon will push back hard and drag its feet whether POTUS wants it or not because they're not so trustworthy or stupid.

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