Friday, June 05, 2009

Prediction: Yvette Cooper to Communties?

How exactly do you stamp your authority with a Cabinet reshuffle when you've effectively just lost three Secretaries of State in three days? Its a reshuffle under panic after all, and so far the changes look panicked too. There has been much talking up of Alan Johnson and suddenly Johnson is elevated to Home Secretary.

I have feeling, and admittedly I could be hopelessly wrong on this, but I think that we might see Caroline Flint elevated to the Cabinet table. Keep your enemies close etc etc.I reckon we're going to see Yvette Cooper moved from Chief Secretary to the Treasury back to Communities into Blears' job. Still not sure about the DWP.

Any other predictions below.


Andrew said...

Yvette Cooper is tough and competent - makes sense to send her to DWP in light of rising unemployment figures.

Caroline Flint is a comparative lightweight, so let's have fun by sending her into her best mate's old job - Communities Secretary.

Steve said...

Oh dear. Just short of right.