Friday, June 05, 2009

It's over. Finished. Kaput. And I'm not talking about the Nokias

I believe that its fair to say that we're now in totally uncharted water in contemporary British politics. This is not the Cabinet having a quiet word withthe Prime Minister after a single resignation and speech. This is three Secretaries of State resigning on three consecutive days.

To say that Gordon brown's authority does not lie in the gutter like a drunk with a bottle of Mad Dog would require the most myopic and blinkered view of the very situation the Labour Party and its leadership finds itself in.

There are some who think that Johnson is not interested in the job and scraed of it, but where is he tonight? Shaun Woodward has been rolled out on the news, and even David Blunkett has made a comment, but the bigged up "heir apparent" is no where. Remember how Major was very quiet when Thatcher fell?

Gordon Brown tonight is a dead man walking politically, and, if the rumours are true, I would not be surprised to see another resignation tomorrow. Purnell is very close friends with Andy Burnham, and as I said the other day, Burnham was a supporter of Blears for the Deputy leadership.

October election is looking very likely right now.


Roughian Trodlodyte said...

Whichever wank stain assumes control, he wont be able to ignore calls for an election.
October it is

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Michael Portillo made an astute comment on This Week; he said that waverers will have their mobiles turned off because they are watching and waiting to see how the wind blows and do not want to be cornered into offering Gordon their support.

Newsnight could only offer Red Ken as a studio guest tonight which rather says it all.

denverthen said...

Boulton absolutely nailed Judus Woodward. He was outstanding.

As Portillo said earlier, it's not the ones you see tonight on telly talking nonsense about Brown, it's the ones with their mobiles switched off, as you imply with Johnson.

Battle's been well and truly joined and yes, Brown's goose is well and truly cooked (overcooked in my humble).

Rog said...

I reckon Gord will call an election, rather than relinquishing leadership.

He IS that loopy.

Crash and burn.

First Time Caller said...

They're damned if they do and they're damned if they don't. Johnson is being talked up, but I doubt he has anything fresh to bring to the table. And now the reshuffle is set to push more under-talented nobodies (Yvette Cooper, aka Mrs Balls) into the fore. Please, get this government out of my sight! I hate to agree with Mr Clegg, but they really are holding the country hostage.

Rocksteady Eddie said...

All good news, it's just a shame they can't all go. The only trouble then is the next lot in have proven themselves just as corrupt so no real change other than that forced on them.
An even bigger problem looming is the fact that our local authorities are run by these same self serving parties and are just as corrupt. We need a clean sweep throughout, but who is there to take the place of these kleptocrats.

Anonymous said...

Only two actually resigned in two days, Smith resigned months ago and was leaked.

I like Brown, and I think he should stay. He seems like just the sort of chap who it would be impossible to lose against in a General Election.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised at all if they all bottle it and he hangs on in there till May.

We'll all be fucked meanwhile but the Gorgon will endure.

Alex said...

Brown is not moved by sentiment and it would take a resignation by the entire cabinet and no volunteers to replace them from the rest of the Labour Party or a vote of no confidence to get rid of him. My guess is that even a trip to the IMF would not automatically be the end of the line in Brown's eye. I hope I am wrong.