Friday, June 05, 2009

Hutton's resignation statement raises questions

Hutton's resignation statement on the MoD site has a rather odd line in it which says,
"This is not the place to go into my reasons for leaving.
That's funny, the official line being pushed out, presumably from Downing Street, was that this was all about "family reasons" and now Hutton says this via the MoD?

Sounds iffy to me. It's well known that Hutton doesn't particularly like Brown, and whilst he backed him last night against Purnell's decision, he also referred to Purnell as a "friend".

I have a feeling that we may have more to hear on this one. Did he get offered a move by Brown so that Woodward could go to Defence and just decided "bugger off" instead? The rebellion is far from over I think, if the results carry on the way they are, with Labour in third, I wouldn't be surprised if we see other pushes next week.

The nails will be bitten raw this weekend in Downing Street I think.


Anonymous said...

Just a thought...If that's not the right place, perhaps the House of Commons is. Could he do a Geoffrey Howe?

Not a sheep said...

Wasn't it John Hutton who said that Gordon Brown would be a "f***ing disaster as Prime Minister". Surely that sort of prescience deserves to be remembered.

Anonymous said...

'ere Diz, is it time to knock up a new 'downfall'.....?

Houdini said...

Just been given the nod by a certain person, Labour MP, that there are many people VERY unhappy that Sugar is there and Mandelson is still there, which came as a surprise to hear, but then again, maybe not as he was brought in to make Browns fortunes better but are actually worse.

Anonymous said...

Given that British soldiers are dying in his name I find that line and Huttons resignation unforgivable.

The treatment of our armed forces is a digrace.