Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Very very serious commentary on North Korea

When I heard the news about North Korea's missile test and some guy from the UN saying,
"The members of the Security Council have decided to start work immediately on a Security Council resolution on this matter, in accordance with the Security Council's responsibilities under the Charter of the United Nations."
All I could think of was this,

JUDITH: They've arrested Brian!
REG: What?
JUDITH: They've dragged him off! They're going to crucify him!
REG: Right! This calls for immediate discussion!
COMMANDO #1: Yeah.
JUDITH: What?!
COMMANDO #2: Immediate.
COMMANDO #1: Right.
LORETTA: New motion?
REG: Completely new motion, eh, that, ah-- that there be, ah, immediate action--
FRANCIS: Ah, once the vote has been taken.
REG: Well, obviously once the vote's been taken. You can't act another resolution till you've voted on it...
JUDITH: Reg, for God's sake, let's go now!
REG: Yeah. Yeah.
JUDITH: Please!
REG: Right. Right.
REG: In the-- in the light of fresh information from, ahh, sibling Judith--
LORETTA: Ah, not so fast, Reg.
JUDITH: Reg, for God's sake, it's perfectly simple. All you've got to do is to go out of that door now, and try to stop the Romans' nailing him up! It's happening, Reg! Something's actually happening, Reg! Can't you understand?! Ohhh! [slam]
REG: Hm. Hm.
FRANCIS: Oh, dear.
REG: Hello. Another little ego trip for the feminists.
FRANCIS: [whistling]
REG: Oh, sorry, Loretta. Ahh, oh, read that back, would you?
It's not cynicism, its realism.


Anonymous said...

Ignorance must be bliss Dizzy.

dizzy said...

What's more bliss is knowing that I would get that reaction from very very serious people who can't read between the lines.

Scoundrel said...

My name is Brian, and so is my wifes

Grumpy Old Man said...

Dizzy, Your post neatly encapsulates the intervention of the UN in every international crisis since the end of the Korean War. Today, The UN's main roles are to protect every third-world tinpot dictator with a Swiss bank account, and to give a legal facade to the Arab world's stated intention of exterminating the jewish Nation. Anymouse, I abjure thee to return to the dungeon dimensions from whence thou came.

denverthen said...

Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Even better than that, remember Kim's conversation with Hans Blix in Team America?

Anonymous said...


Reaganite Republican Resistance said...

Somehow all the talk of how Kim is a crackpot eccentric, while Obama is portrayed as fatherly, all-knowing, and wise doesn’t quite square with reality when the “crackpot” is running circles around our flawless messiah.

This is the same Obama that was apparently busy with his puppy-vetting process or playing basketball while the Russians where nabbing our Afghan supply air-base in Kyrgizstan.

Obama is endangering our national security, a failure of his most primary duty as president… maybe we should draw a line here?

Living in a celebrity-driven/liberal/MSM fantasy world is not a right of Obama supporters to cling-to indefinitely, as it’s both the voters and the press’ duty to make informed, good-faith decisions… not waste power making a hollow fashion statement instead.

It’s rapidly getting to the point where this kind of willfully-ignorant “thinking” is not just irresponsible, but dangerous. Obamania’s sheeple are deeply delusional, and as Obama’s enablers, these fools are going to get us killed.


Hell Yeah said...

we need team america right now!

f you hans brix...

i'm so wonely

Wireman said...

Hell, yeah!

Quoting Monty Python verbatim really shows up the UN for the student politics it is.

North Northwester said...

Reaganite Republican Resistance "It’s rapidly getting to the point where this kind of willfully-ignorant “thinking” is not just irresponsible, but dangerous. Obamania’s sheeple are deeply delusional, and as Obama’s enablers, these fools are going to get us killed."

Isn't this just the ultimate victory of the Boomer generation?

It's all about them and how much they hurt and how beautiful the beautiful people are and how they are not going to listen to anyone over thirty - such as those uptight squares like Dad who think that a crazed dictator with the Bomb, workable missiles, and a starving populace might be a bad thing.

Meanwhile, jobs for the Acorns progresses apace on the public's dime.

God help America.