Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Speaker to make further statement on reform

Gordon Brown is rather hilariously saying that the Speaker will be making a statement about a meeting with all the party leaders. He's then gone on to effectively make the announcement of the changes to allowances. So much for the Speaker making the announcement.

UPDATE: The hacks are restless in this conference. Adam Boulton and John Snow went on the fact that Hazel Blears and other Cabinet ministers have clearly acted wrongly, but they have not resigned, and it looks like they will not be de-selected. One hack pointed out that if he got caught shoplifting and then said "oh I'll pay for it now" it wouldn't matter as he'd still be done for it. Good point.


Gareth said...

The man's contempt for Parliament is complete.

Brown made a bit of an error with his Youtube episode didn't he? In that it is not for the Government to tell Parliament how to do things. Here he is doing it again. Yet I suspect few in Parliament would care.

Anonymous said...

On the radio Brown sounded much like Moses. Definitely elbowing others out and claiming the high ground.
But tomorrow's another day.