Friday, May 01, 2009

I wonder if he hates is parents?

Something tells me that it was when he reached the rank of Major that he started to refer to himself as Dickie.

At least if he secures promotion it will not be quite so bad.
BBC News


Anonymous said...

It may not be his real name.

Gen Sir 'Jock' Stirrup has another name - the Jock is a nickname which has stuck. Rather like 'Buzz' Aldrin - which I believe is now his real name.

All Seeing Eye said...

I once knew a Constable Constable who swore blind that he was repeatedly passed over for promotion just because his rank and surname were too much fun.

But the head of the UN humanitarian mission to the "Palestinian Territories" rejoices in the name of Maxwell Gaylord, so you've got to count your blessings sometimes.