Sunday, May 31, 2009

The better team won but we still made history

Yesterday I was gutted. Chelsea were far better Everton but we still managed to make history in two ways even though we lost. The fastest goal in a cup final EVER, and, this is the depressing and also good one, we're the only team ever to lose eight cup finals.

When it comes to FA Cup failure, we are the best.

Nothing more to say.


Grumpy Old Man said...

Dizzy. You've got the best young manager in English soccer and one of the few Chairmen who is both loyal and actually applies his business acumen to his team.
Everton consistently over-achieve in the league and cup competitions and when they sneak into Europe don't let their fans down. if I didn't follow Man U, (since Munich), I'd probably support Everton, When they play RAFA'S pansies, I do anyway.

jd said...

You have my sympathy Dizzy. I suspect like most neutrals, I was cheering Everton on yesterday, partly because I still have an affection for the Ginger One after his success with my own team. the mighty North End

(our unwanted record - least successful team in playoff history... 8 play-off attempts 0 promotions).

Anonymous said...

Somewhat disappointed yesterday that Everton didn't win. Without Jagielka (yesterday), Arteta and Yukubu, Everton have surpassed all expectations.

Chelsea were clearly much stronger and fitter than Everton yesterday - but with a few good signings in the summer, Everton will be very difficult to beat next season.

Ray Finch said...

As long as we keep DM it will stay onwards and upwards.
Kirkby is still a no-no.
I spent Saturday disrupting an EU "Fun day" in Southampton instead of at Wembley so I hope next year we get to wherever the Europa final is.