Friday, April 24, 2009

Who needs polling when you have Google?

Google Suggests is a very useful little tool. It can produce some funny things, and with the right terms it can give you an indication of what wider opinion is, based on the most popular "zeitgeist"searches out there on the big bad Internet. So let's see what people are searching for when they search/ask about our three main party leaders.

Translation: What does the blind moronic, traitorous lying prick who is also an incompetent idiot think about Israel?

Translation: It doesn't really matter what he thinks about Israel or Gaza because he's a hotty. Woof! Woof!

Translation: What does he think about Israel?

Conclusions: No one likes Gordon Brown; people fancy David Cameron and Nick Clegg is just a politician. Israel is a bloody important issue for webmongs thanks to the "is" in the search term. I wonder what our friends at Political Betting will make of that?
Google Suggests FAQ


Plato said...

Bravo, encore, more

patently said...

Gosh, this is fun.

It even provides advice.

Duyfken said...

Try putting a space after "is". That will delete the Israel connection but surprisingly there is a new reference: "Gordon Brown is jewish."

Conand said...

Just for the record: 1.96 Million searches for 'Dizzy Thinks'

Anonymous said...

Try typing in just the names. Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg are joined by the obvious abuse, David Camerons are all very "official". Is it possible to buy that sort of thing?

Jack said...

Oh dear, this revelation has written off my entire working day, you can similarly type in the leaders’ names followed by every single letter of the alphabet (eg ‘Gordon Brown a…’ etc.)

Best results:
Gordon Brown Aspergers (18,300)
Gordon Brown Heathcliffe (13,800) & Gordon Brown Hitler (564,000)
Gordon Brown Killed Iceland (179,000)
Gordon Brown Breathing (187,000) & Gordon Brown Mouth (572,000) – I’m glad a quarter of a million other people are disturbed enough to ask google about that freaky slurpy thing he does between sentences!
Inexplicably - Gordon Brown Jewish (583,000) & Zionist (124,00) – I admit Gordon Brown is a global problem, but not that kind of global problem.

Results for other leaders are sadly less comical. David Cameron Jewish (289,00) & Zionist (58,600) only proves the internet is where the deranged go to meet more of their kind while the oxymoronic David Cameron Sexy (1,040,000) & David Cameron Moobs (1,900) made me laugh.

The lib dem leaders results are telling.
Nick Clegg Lovers (13,300)
Nick Clegg Slept With (10,900)
Nick Clegg Scandal (30,600)
Nick Clegg Women (92,000)
Nick Clegg 30 Women (101,000)

Back to work then.

Mark Fulford said...

Hate Gordon Brown = 27,700,000

Morus said...

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

In response to your point, Google already collect sufficient information for us to be able to georgraphically, demographically and politically weight this sample, and probably to apply a likelihood to vote filter, based on search activity.

If Google would join the British Polling Council, and release this data, it could be more useful than any poll!

FireForce said...

gordon brown w**k*r
nice little ditty

Anonymous said...

Harriet Harman is ... Gives you just one suggestion, so it must be true!