Sunday, April 26, 2009

Who is the Minister that bet against Brown?

Amusing and interesting tale in this morning's Sunday Times about a Labour Minister who has apparently placed a bet against Gordon Brown winning an overall majority. He placed the bet when Brown was having his initial bounce after gaining office and got decent odds it seems.

How very loyal it is when one of your own team bets against you. The question is, who is it? How much did they bet, and what is 'substantial' win they are set to gain if the bet pays off? I ask these questions because my mind is thinking it is someone who is in a marginals, thinks they are going to lose, and might be setting themselves up with a little bit of cash for the time they're looking for work.

Any ideas on who the mysterious Minister might be cam be posted in the comments. It's time for wild specualtion dear readers.


Anonymous said...

Let's try and work it out.
It must have been a realist, that rules out half of them, good start.
It must be somebody who dislikes Gordon, that doesn't narrow the field down much.
They won't own up so it must be one who tells lies - hmm that doesn't help much either.
The odds are good so they must understand maths - that rules out the Treasury.
They must have been in this country at the time - that rules out the speaker.
Harriet would have bet on a woman winning so that rules her out.
I've got it - they all clubbed together - that explains why they are all ****ing everything up.
Anyway we will soon know doubtless the bet will appear on an expense claim in July

Events dear boy, events said...

More to the point. How did he manage to get odds at 66/1?

Mitch said...

Its mandelson! he will make it happen.
I would also guess he borrowed the stake money off brown.

wonderfulforhisage said...

Were I to be offered 3/1 against Australia winning the Ashes series this Summer I'd be a fool not to grab as much as I could. This doesn't mean I won't be rooting for England and would be delighted to lose the bet.

Strange folks punters.

Simon said...

No offence Dizzy but if you think that anyone managed to get 66/1 on that result then I've got a bridge in New York to sell you.

Janny said...

I don't believe it, Mr Thinks. Although betting on a coalition with the Lib Dems is in line with a bad Labour result at the time, it just has the whiff of implausibility.

Given the recent insight into the spin-and-lobby system from smeargate, perhaps some time could be spent with the question: "Who made this up and why?"

T' old ;un said...

Gordon Brown, who else.

Barnacle Bill said...

I wonder if the betting slip might be from the Scotbet shop in Kirkcaldy?

JMB said...

Perhaps it is Gordon himself and his incompetence is all a cunning plot to win a nice lump sum for his retirement?

weggis said...

Perhaps said person is doing a Peter Cook. A Spurs fan who always bet that Spurs would lose on the grounds that he then wins either way.

Anonymous said...

A coalition with the LibDems. If Brown doesn't win an outright majority, does anyone honestly think that The Queen will invite Gordon to drive up the Mall and ask him to try and form a government?