Monday, April 20, 2009

Where's Charlie (on Wednesdays)?

The Fink has found himself stonewalled on the question of whether Charlie Whelan has a pass for Downing Street and if he will still be attending the Wednesday morning meetings there in light of him being implicated - if only by CC - in the email smear scandal.

The fact that Downing Street have rebuffed Danny on what is essentially a pretty benign question, but one that is also in the public interest, suggests that the answer might just be a tad embarassing. Time for a little FoI into the Cabinet Office methinks that will ask, Where's Charlie on Wednesdays?

See also Where's Charlie Part I and the mysterious case of the missing spin doctor.

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Robert said...

Will brown be implicated will he be in Downing street sadly yes he will, because he is as hard as nails, or thick as ? well you knw.