Monday, April 27, 2009

Twenty First Memes

I'm on a day off so I will humour Iain and his obsession for list (joke mate ;-)) and do his "Twenty Firsts Meme" which he tagged me in.

First Job
Delivering the Bucks Advertiser every Friday

First Real Job
Technical support monkey in the heady days of the Internet boom. Windows 3.1 and winsock...seeeeeexy!

First Role in Politics
Data-entry for a day on Charles Kennedy leadership campaign for the Lib Dem. Left the office above a garage in Pimlico because the people there were just bitching about competitors constantly and smoking a spliff seemed fair more appealing. Did nothing politically for the next eleven years.

First Car
Orange mini city, 750cc. I drove it into the ground.

First Record
Our House by Madness

First Football Match
Coventry vs Everton, was a boring 1-1 scoredraw.

First Concert
Guns n Roses at Wembley stadium (the proper one) in 1992.

First Country Visited
France, camping holiday.

First TV Appearance
Children in Need. I walked in front of the camera whilst Gaz Top was doing a live piece on BBC1. I was greatly amused.

First Political Speech
First what? I don't do speeches. I did a presnetation at school once about visiting Alcatraz if that counts?

First Girlfriend/Boyfriend
Errr, not sure, I guess a girl called Zoe Green probably.

First Encounter with a Famous Person
Jimmy Saville at the Paralympic Games, Stoke Mandeville. There are picture but they won't be posted.

First Brush With Death
Pulled the handbrake up on a bend in the Mini just to see what would happens. Was hilarious but very stupid.

First House/Flat Owned
A place in South-east London.

First Film Seen at a Cinema
Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan. I fell asleep and I'm ashamed of that fact.

First Time on the Radio
That would be arguing with James Whale when I was a student. I was, inevitably, wasted at the time.

First Politician I Met
David Liddington MP. I still have the letter he sent me explaining why the Government wouldn't make prescriptions free for cancer sufferers. Interestingly the Government have just made it so and I support it.

First Book I Remember Reading
It was called "Look" and each page said the word "Look" and there was a picture of a caqr that got longer and longer. I was four and I learnt the word "Look" from it.

First Visit to the London Palladium
Sadly I am not that old, so I've nevr been and probably never will.

First Election
I couldn't vote in it, but 1992 was the first one I stayed up for. I always remember John and Norma Major at the window of Number 10 with someone holding up letters saying "JM is PM".

I will now tag the following bloggers to do this, although I expect some won't. Tom Watson, Adam Boulton, Bob Piper, Nadine Dorries and Croydonian.


Lexander said...

Mmmm. Bit more personal details required methinks. First kiss, first shag, first accident, first time in love. Biggest regret. Just joking really!

Anonymous said...

And so you should be throughly ashamed of falling asleep at the Wrath of Khan!