Monday, April 06, 2009

Quote of the Day - Alastair Campbell

First comes denial, then anger, then negotiation, then depression, and finally acceptance.
"If the polls are right, and don't change some time soon, then Cameron may be the next PM" - Alastair Campbell writing on Labourlost
So much for Go Fourth!


Conand said...

I still hope they do come fourth.

Oldrightie said...

Conand, me too! As for the polls, my wife points out, "Pollsters know who you would say you vote for, so they won't ask". Campbell knows the real feeling out in the Country. So the 34% Labour vote is 34% of Labour people polled! So in reality, we could be seeing a 20% switch from labour to LibDem and even more to Conservatives. Don't believe me? Copy this post and put it in an envelope come the election, open it.
What's more this recession will dip into depression before next year. Interest rates will have to rise to combat inflation, a devalued pound and enormous Government debt. The hardship they know is coming needs to be hidden for as long as possible This they are doing.

Conand said...

@Oldrightie @10:00

I spent six hours canvassing (4 The Tories) last night. It was, as always, extremely interesting.
The last session was while the BBC G20 coverage (Gordo-love fest) was still on the telly.
I was in an area we haven't canvassed for some time. There still seemed to be an appreciable move towards us. People were also willing to become more active. Any solid Conservative voter I asked was perfectly willing to have a poster in the window, come election time. This hasn't always been the case! Even as we came out of our 'dark times' people were still rather worried about projectiles and the causes of projectiles.
Having said all that, people are really really really annoyed with politicians generally. I reverted to the defense of, 'Tell me about it, I campaign on behalf of some of the buggers. I'm very annoyed myself.'

Conand said...

*I should just say that I genuinely do feel annoyed by 'pigs in the trough-gate'. It wasn't some sort of BS defense.

Anonymous said...

Sadly some people will continue to vote Labour for completely idealogical reasons, even though they have spent 12 years shitting on anyone trying to earn an honest day's pay, whilst pissing it up against the wall on scroungers who never intend to do a day's work in their miserable, state sponsored, lives.