Monday, April 20, 2009

Organised Anarchy?

You have to love the oxymoronic concept of having to register for an Anarchist Conference don't you?

Organised Anarchy! We Love It! It's like soooooo anarchic!


Perry Neeham said...

Did you ever see the Willy Rushton cartoon of the Anarchist Conference Chairman saying to the politely seated multitude, "Disorder, Gentlemen please, Disorder"?

Anonymous said...

I notice the form makes a big thing about the 'venue being fully accessible to wheelchair users and those with mobility problems.'

I presume that's necessary to accommodate the 'not-so-walking' wounded who partook in the recent G20 demonstrations.

Josh said...

What about the irony of anti-capitalists using a service provided for them by big business capitalists e.g. Virgin Media providing the internet, in order to organise a demonstration calling for the destruction of capitalism. The hypocrisy of the Left knows no bounds.

Stu said...

I registered for that.

I won't turn up, though - TAKE THAT, CONFERENCE!


...Or something.

Lola said...

It gets better - the form warns that for registration on the day there may be 'long queues'! Anarchists? Queuing?


Scary Biscuits said...

Much as the comments above made me LOL, I do feel a bit of serious comment is appropriate:

1. I don't think they're anarchists in the 'disorder' sense of the work. They are more properly Anarcho-Sydicalists/Communists/Socialists. They all believe in some radical re-organisation of the world. They differ on the details of what that should be (e.g. whether money should be abolished too).

2. Pedant's point: an oxymoron is a deliberate contradiction in terms, usually for poetic effect. For example, 'the sound of silence' is an oxymoron whereas 'speed limit' is not.

Jamie said...

It's always amused me that there is an anarchist movement in the first place.

Ignited said...

A few years back at Queen's Uni Beflast there was a Anarchist Society formed.

How quaint.