Thursday, April 09, 2009

Neighbourhood Policing - what tripe

Last night I received one of those "you live in Utopia" press releases from the Home Office which said,
The Prime Minister and Home Secretary met with Chief Constables at Downing Street today to mark a "new era" of neighbourhood-based policing, established in response to the public's call for a service that is visible, accountable and responds to their needs.

The meeting marked the first anniversary of Neighbourhood Policing Teams being rolled out to every city, town and village in the country. Dedicated Neighbourhood Policing teams, of which there are now 3,600, continue to make a real difference to communities up and down the country.
I mention this because on Monday I got in the car with the other half and we drive along our road, there was a group of about ten teenagers - school holidays and all - one of the girls was in a fight with another girl. Her head was being held whilst the other girl repeatedly knee'd her in the head.

Initially I thought, she's do well in the Police force, and then I thought, actually this is a bit much. As we turned around in nearby road - because we needed to go back up the street - the girl being knee'd in the head was nearly run over by us and she desperately tried to get away, then the kicking started again.

I told the other stuff to stop as, and this is where it gets good, Leighton Buzzard Police station was within walking up the road. I decided, rather than confront a marauding gang of feral youth who were clearly up for a fight - I'm not totally mental - I would go up tot he Police station and get them involved.

I went to the Police Station and there was a big sign on the door saying "Closed". Another person was talking on the intercom explaining he was on bail and had to check in with a police officer. They told him there was no officer there and he would have to go 8 miles down the road to Dunstable.

So, in response to that press release praising the policing utopia in which live I say this. Neighbourhood policing my arse!


Anonymous said...

Brown's meeting was a typical piece of Labour spin.Have a meeting about something,announce an "initiative" and hey presto! Job done!Not.We need elected local police chiefs

Robert said...

The last time I went to our local station, three officers sat drinking tea , when I asked to see an officer I was told none were available, one officer saw me looking through the main window, he pulled down the blinds.

We do seem to have this problem of late, officers now see themselves as being above the public we seem to be a nuisance to them.

I do not bother anymore.

Obsidian said...

Typical bloody useless police. At our local nick they have two unstaffed reception points, and you're supposed to press a buzzer and, er, wait.

No indication someone has heard your buzzing or anything. Although you can look at yourself on CCTV, you can observe yourself getting increasingly more fed up.

Anonymous said...

You live near Dunbstable and presumably Luton?

God (or should I say Allah) you have my sympathy.

Move whilst you still have the chance



dizzy said...

Showing you're ignorance of the county there methinks. Leighton Buzzard is actyually slap bang on the border of Buckinghamshire but comes under Beds

Anonymous said...

You live in Blighton Gizzard as well?


dizzy said...

Not heard it called that

Conand said...

We've had lots of guff about 'hood Pleecing here.
The (ONE) PC assigned to our town got award for being really good. I've seen him once. Several people wrote to complain.
Our town used to have a Magistrates Court and a Police Station and a Firestation. We now have a C3PO and three gangs of feral children.

'Rural Policing - It's shit'

dizzy said...

Nicodemus, can you email me?

SteveShark said...

Ooh...we're almost neighbours.
I live in Wolverton (MK) but used to teach in LB.
And yes, local police - bleeding useless...