Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The moment I knew I'd made it... briefly!

Sadly the Interweb and Google move fast this is not producing the same result anymore. However, last Friday I noticed the following was being produced as the first page of Google for the search "porno".

Number six for the search term "porno"? I won't deny I was beaming with pride, I really was. Thank you Mr Jacqui Smith!


IanVisits said...

I'll make the presumption that you found this from checking your website referrer logs.

Otherwise, we just learnt what you search for at 4pm on a Friday afternoon ;)

dizzy said...

No comment! But yes.

Mark M said...

Ahh.. ubuntu. It's what the true computer geeks use.

Mind, they also search for 'porno' at 4pm on Friday afternoon's too. Are you sure you don't want to admit?

Plato said...


Conand said...

I'm so intrigued as to what the bookmarks toolbar contains! Is that bad?
For an out and out surftastic pr0n monkey, that thar Dizzy sure is mighty coy.
Anyway, welcome to all those who were looking for pr0n but found the delights of this blog instead.

dizzy said...

the bookmark links are work related and show hostnames for somethings that are not public knowledge

Conand said...

@ dizzy

Thought as much. Hey! Damn, the 'Similar pages' link goes to Political Blogs...Borrrring :D

ScotsToryB said...

With competition of roughly 175 million I congratulate you on cumming sixth.



Jabba the Cat said...

Whoa...respect dude! ;-))