Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Great Philosophers discover Interweb messageboards

Yestedray I posted a video that summed up the way comments tend to work on teh Interweb. Basically, high minded, seriously intellectual debate liberally spattered with accusations of homosexuality, racism and references to Ron Paul. Today we have a rather amusing take on what a discussion between some of the great philosophers might look like on a message board.

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Well it made me laugh anyway.


View from the Solent said...

Excellent! Who's it by? Someone who obviously knows his metaphysicians.

Roland Barthes said...

You has well deconstructed bourgeois language innit?
But like it ain't a full an' like total analysis of the bourgeois philosophical paradigm or whateva.
And like the absence of a named author is well sick geeza.

Big Up the Syntagmatic analysis possee!

You know it!! (coz like the existentialist method is like well fucked bitch)

Chalcedon said...

What an excellent way to make certain parts of philosophy actually interesting. Now try it with logical positivism vs Existentialism.