Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another day, another consultation

Does anyone remember the dodgy nuclear consultation that resulted in a complaint to the Market Research Standards Board over bias in questions?

Well nuclear consultation is back. Having established in the dodgy consultation that everyone really wants nuclear, the latest consultation is where to build the 11 new nuclear plants along with who nominated them, and here they are:
  • Hartlepool nominated by EDF Energy
  • Heysham nominated by EDF Energy
  • Dungeness nominated by EDF Energy
  • Sellafield nominated by NDA
  • Kirksanton nominated by RWE
  • Braystones nominated by RWE
  • Wylfa Peninsula nominated by NDA and RWE
  • Oldbury nominated by NDA and EON
  • Hinkley Point nominated by EDF Energy
  • Bradwell nominated by NDA
  • Sizewell nominated by EDF Energy
Who wants to bet that al the sites in that list that already have nuclear facilities will be getting more irrespective of what a consultation might say - assuming its not rigged of course? I wonder if Fluor will get any subcontracts on the gigs?

Reference notes for readers:
EDF Energy: Head of Comms and general lobbying, Gordon Brown's brother, Andrew.
NDA: Headed by Tony Cooper, father to Chief Secretary to Treasury Yvette Cooper, and father-in-law to Ed Balls.
RWE: Also known as N-Power Renewables. Former Head of Comms and Public Affairs, and now three day a week consultant, Stephen Tindale. Former head of Greenpeace and Labour environment policy advisor.
EON: Legally represented by preferred counsel, Justine Thornton, an energy and planning expert, also girlfriend to Ed Miliband, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.
Fluor: Senior adviser to the management team of the Fluor Corporation, Rt Hom, Ian McCartney.


Anonymous said...

Ian McCartney? How does that scruffbucket ever get employed?

polly peachum said...

It's a chicken-and-egg situation, isn't it?
Do power moguls put their nearest and dearest into Parliament or does a Westminster connection help in the race to a top job? Whichever way round, it can't hurt for NDA to be headed by the parent of Blooper - NuLab's own Brangelina.

Incidentally, leaving aside rising sea levels, you might like to compare this list with the map of UK geological fault lines at

davidc said...

well, at least they are keeping it all in the family.

Not a sheep said...

I'm sorry, I don't get it. What are you insinuating?

Forlornehope said...

Of course nobody wants a nuclear power station next door. Nor do they want a coal fired station, a wind farm, a tidal barrage or any other significant source of power. Just like nobody wants a pylon line over their house, or a mobile phone mast within half a mile.

On the other hand everybody wants electricity and a mobile connection. There is a very simple answer to all this. Let's just wait till all the existing power stations wear out, coming soon, and then we can all sit in the dark.

jailhouselawyer said...

I think you were still on holiday when the MOJ released its second consultation exercise into prisoners votes. Now that's what I call a biased and dodgy process.

Demetrius said...

You must be making all this up. No rational person would believe it. You will be saying next that many of our Premier League clubs are really based in tax havens and the government is bailing out financiers who are screwing disabled pensioners for all they can extract from them.

dizzy said...

@Not a Sheep - it is entirely up to you what you wish to infer from the post.

Jabba the Cat said...

@ Not a Sheep


Perry Neeham said...

Thanks for that. I didn't know about Pa Cooper or La Thornton. Interesting.

Oldrightie said...

We are like some African dictatorship, ruled by gangsters and their families. What's the blokes name? Robert something.....

Plato said...

And it didn't hi-jack the news agenda either.

They are slipping.

We've had terrorists, jail riots, fox-hunting and now nuclear power stations.

What will Labour use next?!

Wossat? said...

I live a few short miles across Morecambe Bay from Heysham but am unaware of any consultation. I can see the ugly, squat SOB everytime I take my dog for a walk on the beach.

I can't be sure but I think that list comprises sites where reactors are either being decommissioned (Sellafield) or due to be decommissioned (Heysham 1 - 2014), making them favourable targets for new reactors. Most. if not all, of those on the list are situated on the coast.

What surprises me is that NuLab are even considering this project given they apparently buy into the AGW theory which has resulted in Carbon Credits. Surely the catastrophic rise in sea levels so hysterically prophesied by the BBC and brainless MSM in support of the Goreistas and warm-mongers would be a reason NOT to build new reactors?

Shome mishtake shurley...

Lola said...

I thought Nuclear was supposed to be clean and not at all smelly.

This stinks.

charlie said...

It's a shame that a vital source of energy for the future is being slated because the guys in charge, just like in everything else, are greedy sobs.

Mark said...

@WossatHa ha ha ha ha ha ha. Oh dearie me my sides.'re not being serious are you?

Conand said...

I want more Fission reactors until we can build commercial Fusion.
I'd rather they weren't built by companies that employ Labour Party politishites.

Alex said...

They are are all current nuclear sites.

I would imaging that Chernobyl would be a great place to build a new nuclear plat. Little downside from any leaks.

Unsworth said...

Nice. Decent research. Keep it coming.

nick said...

They're not all current nuclear sites. Two of them (Kirksanton and Braystones) are new sites on the Cumbrian coast a few miles either side of Sellafield. They're by the sea because they need vast supplies of water for cooling.

Wossat? said...

@ Mark

Serious about what? Walking my dog on the beach or asking why NuLab are apparently pursuing a nuclear agenda (most reactors are situated on the coast) in the face of the 1000 month doom prospect (we either fry, drown or both) upon which they intend to bleed us all dry of taxes?

I believe AGW is BS BTW, just in case you missed the sarcastic overtones of my previous post. I'm merely pointing out the gross hypocrisy of it all.