Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Will this impact later chances in life?

From a little perusal of Hansard I have spotted this,
Mr. Alan Campbell: The Government intend to introduce a new statutory duty on schools to record all incidents of bullying between pupils. We are planning to launch a full public consultation in May on draft regulations, and will be consulting on making it compulsory for incidents of bullying to be recorded by type, as related to race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexuality etc.
Will this just so happen to be included on your ID cards, E-borders, Contactpoint databases to be used in future to decide which children need re-education? Or perhaps even to help decide which parents to target who might be committing thought crimes of the highest order and need a visit to the Ministry of Love?

Yes, I am in a cynical mood today aren't I?


Conand said...


Oh great, the government reach for the legislative/tractor stats levers immediately.

They really haven't learnt anything.

Plato said...

Apart from more Big Brother, what on earth is the point of this?

I was bullied at school for being too clever and too middle class FFS.

I just wish this Government would eff-right off with all this data=activity=the right thing to do answer behviour.

I sincerely hope that the next lot include a very big list of stuff in their manifesto that they will repeal pronto.

Ho hum

dizzy said...


The Raven said...

Great find this; exactly the sort of thing that annoys me about this government. I attempted something of a follow-up post at my blog, should anyone be interested.