Friday, April 03, 2009

Westminster Council caught out spinning to bikers

The other week I posted about bikers protesting at Tory-controlled Westminister Council over the issue of charging them to park their bikes. It appears that Westminister Council sent out a response to the protest group and forgot to turn the "track changes" feature off in the Word document they sent revealing there is quite a bit of spin going on.

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So they're saying things in letters that they know does not match the reality of other public statements, and there is an admission that security measures they are boasting about don't actually work. I guess for the motorbike protesters this raises the further question.

What else are they lying about?


Plato said...


I recall the Home Office doing this a few years ago about the police performance figures - career ending move.

What numpties.

[we had a very amusing incident when I was working in major bids for a big telco. Some lazy salesperson took an existing contract, did global replace to substitute one building society for another but forgot to change the headers/footers. Funnily enough we didn't win.]

Jabba the Cat said...

Merely confirms that all politicians and public employees are hoons.

T'old 'un said...

Every way one looks all everything is conceived and carried out in sloppy, carelessness, because it is all done in a great state of self confident apathy and ignorance, confident in the knowedge that I'm alright Jack.
Time for Hercules to do his stable trick again.