Wednesday, March 04, 2009

War crimes question... is something afoot?

Harry Cohen MP is one of the "usual suspects" of left ingers in the Labour Party who were against the Iraq War, and generally take the Chomskyite view of Western society. You know the drill, war for oil; money; evil Cheney; greed; Bush/Blair war criminals; Saddam Hussein fluffy pussycat; we sold him his weapons anyway; that kind of attitude.

I mention him solely because of a question he asked the Home Secretary yesterday which said, asked about the "guidance she has issued to police forces on steps to be taken following an arrest of a person suspected to be guilty of an offence related to the violation of the laws or customs of war".

No doubt something afoot in the Stop the War Trotskyite movement I imagine. Probably going to petition the UN to whip Blair off to the Hague and wants to know what the procedure is for doing it. I could be wrong of course and he might be concerned about war crimes in parts of the world that don't involved Western imperialist domination.


Anonymous said...

Mostly likely to be part of the campaign to prosecute Israelis, knowing Cohen.

They have hired a silk called Stephen Kay QC, I believe

His clients give you some idea of the circles in which this silk moves.

You can imagine where the money to pay his legal fees comes from.

TBR said...

Seeing Blair sent to the Hague for Iraq would make my day. And I'm certainly not a Trot.

Not a sheep said...

It will be anti-Israel, as per usual