Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SHOCK NEWS: British Prisons Full of Thieves!

Hell. Handcart. Truly shocking!
Mr. Straw: For the year to date 2008-09 the following unaudited balances are available for the value of property lost or stolen within HM Prison Service, where the majority of cases arise, totalling £190,396. This comprises:

  • Losses of stores: 863 instances; £98,357;
  • Loss of personal property for which compensation was paid to prisoners, staff or third parties: 1,598 instances; £92,038.
I mean really! Who would have thought it!?
From Hansard via Croydonian


Anonymous said...

O/T but whatever happened to "My Life My ID"? It seems to have diappeared from government websites.

jailhouselawyer said...

Well I never! You should have saved this for tomorrow April Fool's Day.

Martin said...

That was deleted a looong time ago; it was always planed to be temporary. Seeing as I never saw a SINGLE post positive about the ID card scheme, I'm not surprised I've heard nothing of it since. Some things are impossible to spin in the wanted way.

Adrian P said...

I think I can explain the ID Card agenda.

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Microchipped Population
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