Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Political Euphemism of the Day

And the award goes to the title of a declassified 2005 US Army document called:
Civilian Inmate Labor Program
Aka Concentration Slave Camp


Bill said...

I must say having read quite a bit of said document, I find it difficult to equate what it provides for with your 'interpretation'.

Given that the US prison system operates somewhat differently than most European 'correction systems' (and then some), I see nothing controversial at all in having inmates who have committed crimes being expected to defray a part of the cost of housing and feeding them by contributing their labour, whether by way of the ubiquitous 'chain gang' or something less obviously punitive such as working in a laundry or factory environment; it's a pity some of our own prison population couldn't be used in this way, too. Nor do I see anything wrong with expecting those performing 'commuity service' to be dressed in some kind of visible 'uniform' which clearly identifies them as atoning for crimes committed.

dizzy said...

I don;t disagree with your point about he US prison system, I think the point here is ratehr more about the use of military in carrying such things out.

Oldrightie said...

Civilian Inmate Labor Program

Could be the whole of The UK ere long.

T England said...

Talking of army documents!
Wikileaks has cracked the encryption to a key document relating to the war in Afghanistan

Bill said...

the point here is ratehr more about the use of military in carrying such things out.

Fair enough, but from what I can gather the Army get work done which would otherwise remain undone, because they don't have the funding to commission it themselves. From what I can see, shorn of the dreadful bureaucratise in which it is written, it's a 'win win' situation.

jailhouselawyer said...

Dizzy: Thanks for this. I will be back when I have more time to spare. Do the inmates have the vote?