Saturday, March 21, 2009

Housekeeping and general etiquette

I hate having to do posts like this, and to be honest I should really have a page that outlines these things but I can't be arsed. Basically, you can say what you like in the comments as I have made clear before, but I've decided on an exception.

If you spam link your blog, and you do it in ALL CAPS constantly, and if you do it in threads where your post has bugger all to do with the topic posts then your comment is going to be rejected.

I have no problem with people linking to their blogposts in the comments along the lines of "I wrote about this too here Dizzy and you're absolutely [right/wrong]". What I do get annoyed about is PEOPLE SHOUTING ABOUT THEIR LATEST POST ON NU-LIEBOUR in a thread about something completely different.

You now have three links in one post and you won't get anymore in the comments if you don't stop. Might I suggest making the font colour on your site green?


Oldrightie said...

Pwhoah, I hope I'm not guilty! I have blogged on media failings today, Dizzy. That's always topical?

dizzy said...

The only guilty one is the blog linked three times in this post.

Jabba the Cat said...

Punishment should be miscreants automatic linking to Draper's twitter account.

Ivan Turner said...

I went to that blog once - found it too hard to read - what idiot uses dark grey type on a black background - so can't be bothered going there again!!

Oldrightie said...

Thank you Dizzy. I hope you might enjoy my latest. I won't link it though!

Curly said...

Don't you think the font colour ought to be black, rather than green?

Conand said...

how absolutely right, well done dizzy. readers, if you think that's the shameless arselicking over then you are sorely mistaken.
basically people, if you just want to spam pimp your blog i think you should pay dizzy the going rate for ads. dizzy works his fingers to the very bone to bring you this blog and you just want to ride along with him like those fish that clamp themselves to sharks. well i'm not having it anymore!
i know that almost everybody in the uk wants to get all sweary and shouty about the iniquities of the zanuliebore regime etc. i imagine that's why dizzy is being so entirely reasonable about the whole thing.
so, well done to him again and well done to you readers for reaching the end of this terrible crawling toadie comment.

subrosa said...

Seems like I'm lucky because I've never had a problem - oh I lie, I had some chap post a tiny url for a porn site but that's all.

Is it because I'm female? I don't know.