Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hannan tells Brown he is the "devalued Prime Minister"

Others will have already posted this no doubt, but I'm enjoying the wonderful relaxation of Spain so that's my excuse for being late. Dan Hannan MEP gave Gordon Brown a bit of a monstering yesterday in the European Parliament noting that Brown was "pathologically incapable" of ever saying sorry.
Incidentally, whilst on European matter, Spain may still have a left wing Government, but it appears,at least in this region, no one gets their beneifts when unemployed unless they do some work for the Council. What's more we can still smoke in the bars, which is nice.


Croydonian said...

Ah, but try forming a queue at a London bus stop. Those are free for alls these days.

Ex-Pat Alfie said...

So you will be staying then?

Just remember there are NO benefits until sufficient contributions have been made!

Also one's Human Rights in Spain do not bestow privileges. Not even for Muslims.

dizzy said...

If only I could stay.

Anonymous said...

Here's another good clip