Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Government cut and pastes Wikipedia in policy proposal

You can read the full story on IPtegrity.com but the long and short of it is that the Government has made proposals to the EU to stamp on users rights to access content and services on the Internet, and it's done it by cutting and pasting a technical article on bandwidth management from Wikipedia without attribution.

The UK proposals here notes,

Meanwhile this is the Wikipedia article notes,

So not only do they want to restrict our rights to access content - Great Firewall of Britain coming soon? - they're theiving buggers too.


Alex said...

Not necessarily. As any biblical scjholar will tell you, they may both have come from the same long-lost source.

Neurolysis said...

It is unlikely that they have both been taken from the same source, due to the ever changing nature of Wikipedia and it's policies on how articles should be presented, and no doubt editors will have changed that sentence a good few times before leaving it at that.