Friday, March 13, 2009

Every boys dream....

The MoD is flogging off a Harrier (engine not included) here.

Have to love the "Add to Cart", "Wish List" and "Compare" buttons.


Oldrightie said...

Not just boy's, Dizzy. The thought of dropping gently in front of Number 10, fully armed with cannon and machine gun, priceless!

John M Ward said...

I like OldRightie's idea, though that scenario reminds me of what David Hemmings did in the Airwolf pilot movie. That would be even better to have "fully armed".

Not that I'd do anything more than threaten, of course; but Gorgon and (hopefully) the cabinet if they were present wouldn't know that. I'd tell them via Airwolf's PA: "This time it's just a warning. If you don't resign NOW and call that election within two days, I'll be back!"

Now that would be my dream!

Barnacle Bill said...

Surprised to see they are flogging off Scottish Hose & Regimental Kilts.
I would have thought they were de rigor Cabinet Dress down in der Bunker.
Anyway you want to see the bargains I have picked up out in the backyard - come the revolution!

Houdini said...

Seriously, I was offered a two seater jet in working order just needing a safety cert in exchange for a website I had up for sale.

I nearly said yes but the missus wouldn't have gone in it with me.