Thursday, March 19, 2009

EPIC FAIL: Slow down on roundabouts?

That'll teach him for going round the corner to fast! Wonder if they called the fire brigade to help?

Sent by email, taken this morning in London.


Jabba the Cat said...

Presumably the granny they were going to rescue was crispy crittered?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they were driving fast to save a life, you cunt?

After the brigade disputes, specs for fire engines demanded more water capacity to cut down on vehicle and crew numbers, thus making them more unstable.

I have this on authority from a bloke I call Madcunt because he runs INTO burning buildings.

He does this to save lives.

Got any family, Dizzy?

Beware of karma.

dizzy said...

my you're a touchy fucker aren't you.

Anonymous said...

I've had the privilege of working alongside fire-fighters.

Now go and check your smoke alarm.

dizzy said...

Some people really have no sense of humour.

Anonymous said...

Fire-fighters have the biggest sense of humour on planet earth, they have to....

Me I'm wondering what they were going to attend, and if anybody died.
Do you laugh at air crashes and wrecked ambulances as well?

You've fucked up on this one Dizzy.

dizzy said...

You'd be amazed the what I laugh at. I'm always noting to others that I'm going to Hell.

I've not fucked up, I've just stayed true to form.

SFC1000 said...

If anyone had actually checked that the fancy new fire engines can actually go round corners above walking speed that might never have happened.

Our local fire n rescue service has a couple of them that will never actually get used in anger because they're simply not fit for porpoise.

complete waste of council tax payers money

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Was the thing being driven by a tart, by any chance?

Tits and steering wheels just don't go together very well.