Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Darling blames the Tories and Sir Humphrey

If you read that the Chancellor has issued a mea culpa this morning in the Daily Telegraph noting that many mistakes were made in the financial regulatory system over the past 15 years, don't believe it. He may looked like he did it b ut what he actually did was subtly blame the Tories and the Civil Service.

Note the way the number of years is 15 when they've only been in power for 12? It was Brown that introduced the so-called tripartite system that Darling is admitting has failed, but he's trying to argue that it really all went wrong three years before that under the Tories.

Those would be the three years of growth in the economy that previously the Government and more specifically Brown chose to ignore when boasting about what a financial genius he was. Remember, 1997 was 'year zero', but now its all gone tits up those last few Tory years come into play once more.

Now you may be wondering how he has blamed the Civil Service too. Well in the interview he's indicated one of two things. Either his own civil servants are too scared or timid to speak their minds. Or that they've stitched him up like a kipper.

Darling says, when questioned about the way the Treasury has appeared to lurch from one crisis to the next, giving a sense they are just following thing hopelessly that "there are no end of people who saw all this coming - they just never mentioned it at the time". Sir Humphrey's fault too...... see?


Grumpy Old Man said...

Dear Dizzy, consider this explanation. "Blame the Tories" is the ritualistic genuflection to socialist myth. In this case it is code for " it all happened before my time. It was 10 years of Gordon what done it". Maybe Darling has decided that a life peerage is too little reward for having his political reputation eviscerated in the name of GB's "legacy" and is lining up his ducks.
We know that GB ruthlessly eradicated any independent minds amongst the mandarins of the treasury and was instrumental in politicisiation of the Civil Service under this unspeakable administration. The tripartite system had the effect of compartmentalising the regulation and management of the institutions so that only GB had any idea of the full picture. Creating a system which inhibits the passing of information amongst interested parties is a classic method of enforcing centralised control.
"there are no end of people who saw all this coming - they just never mentioned it at the time"
If this is true, there will be no end of civil service papers carefully stored in Treasury, BoE and FSA files, justifying the originators' position at the time. I look forward to a steady stream of leaks stitching up GB, Darling, Mr and Mrs Balls and all the apparachiks in the fullness of time, at the appropriate juncture. WV vacile, I kid you not.

Gareth said...

I suspect there will be another bottled election soon.

Strong socialist words from many top Labour shits. Positioning themselves to land all the blame at greedy capitalist pigs/Tories/Civil servants.(But studiously not pinning any blame on themselves or voters) They are also deluding themselves into expecting a tidal wave of action, support and optimisim from the G20 conflab.

Unsworth said...

Of course they mentioned this at the time - but Brown, as usual, chose selective deafness.

Brown's arrogance has got us to this position. Darling is nothing but a shit-shoveller for Brown.