Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Brown is the tenth biggest loser in the world says Foreign Policy

There is quite an amusing take on the month over at the American journal Foreign Policy, which takes a look at the month and asks, "[w]ho's the most screwed? Which of these figures who have chosen a well-worn path to the limelight, has done the most damage to their own reputations and the lives of those around them?"

It has then ranked them and our Glorious Leader Gordon comes in at number 10 of the biggest losers in the world. My favourite part is just after they explain why you have to feel sorry for him because he followed Blair who was clearly better, where it notes,
Still, Gordon did accept the job of PM, did screw it up to a fare-thee-well and now is on the verge of blowing his last big moment on the public stage as he prepares to host a G20 Summit that is very likely to realize somewhere between zero and few of his grand ambitions for it.
Gentle yet quite cutting at the same time. Number One for anyone wondering was Jospeh Fritzel.
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Perry Neeham said...

I was so amazed that Broon only came in at no 10 I had to check out the link to see who had screwed up even more.

Bladesforever said...

Brown said today in Europe
"Europe is ideally placed to lead the world due to the history of cooperation between the nations"

Well that's WW3 started, what a waste of space that man is.
I would have used stronger language but I don't know if it is moderated on here, I usually post on Guidos blog