Monday, March 02, 2009

The booze cupboard is now full

Well the weekend is over and what a glorious one it was too. I spent Saturday mostly in the driving seat as the credit crunch and recession finally took hold and forced me to jump on a ferry to Calais (£30) and pop to Tesco, Carifour and Cheers and stock up on alcohol.

Yes, together the better half and I spent about £100, but we saved about £150 when you look at the quantity we bought and neither of us were close to the personal limits either. True I spent my money in the French economy, but if the Treasury will insist on slapping so much tax on a bottle of Merlot then sod'em.

Vive la France!


kinglear said...

Unfortunately, HM Treasury and Brown/Darling in particular think the price of drink is critical to their machismo. I don't think there are more drink related problems inFrance than here - in fact, I believe Sweden which sells acohol at even more eye-watering prices, has the biggest problem of all

Lazy Student said...

Congratulations. I envy you.

G Eagle Esq said...

Sehr geEhrter D

Quite right

These Grasping Revenue Men (& in these enLightened Times, Wimmin) - when will they realize :

The Laffer Curve operates on the UK side of the Pond, just as it operates in the Middle Colonies even after they threw all that Tea into Boston Harbour

Over-taxing at every opportunity (including now imposing VAT on Ian Dale's Agency workers & workeresses) - the Revenue are now actively destroying the UK Economy, as jobs are driven abroad & Employers are driven into bankruptcy

Yr obedient servant etc


wv = grenetot - is that French

* the Laffer curve indicates that (UK) tax increases will eventually reach the point where UK tax revenue is reduced, as has happened with Monsieur D's Booze

john problem said...

You should have picked up some tissues while there - they are about a quarter of the price in France, compared to England. I always buy some so I can weep into them when the France-bought booze has gone and I'm reading the morning papers, telling me what our leaders have in store for us.

silas said...

I do a similar thing once every few months for cigarettes. Fly to Girona on Ryanair for about £8 each way, buy as many cartons of smokes as fit in the hand luggage, and then fly back.

I didn't object to paying the tax on fags until I was forced to stand outside of buildings to smoke.

Faux Cu said...

If you want eye watering prices on bevvy try Finland but be prepared to offer your credit card up front for a pint!

John Muddle said...

That carrefour lager is very fizzy, hope you didn't go for any 99c sparkling wine let us students keep that one to ourselves.