Monday, February 23, 2009

Real Help "Crap Code" Now!

A new propaganda website has appeared in the domain called Real Help Now. I am still trying to figure out if it is a joke or not, or whether someone missed the word "Alpha" from it somewhere. It renders like crap in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Not only are there rendering problems there are code problems and missing files too.

If this site is real then its the Government webmongs that need help. Plus a QA environment and maybe a Staging one too!

UPDATE: Looks like somebody just fixed it.


Jonathan Cook said...

That is the crapest web-site ever!

I did love this quote from Gordon on the front page:

"Many people are asking how we found ourselves in this economic crisis, how we are going to get out of it and what the future is going to hold. I want to explain to people how this crisis, which started in America, has developed - and reassure people that Britain can come out of this stronger and fairer than before"

Gordon has become a Little Britain parodoy of himself, where we all wait for his catchphrase......... here it comes...... wait for it....... "that started in America"

Anonymous said...

Propaganda it is then. Just read our saviour Incapability Brown's missive at the bottom of the home page.

He couldn't afford not to include the line : "I want to explain to people how this crisis, which started in America, has developed"

Not me Guv ...!

He continues to take the people for fools ... not for much longer though.

Oldrightie said...

I understand Prezzaimia has been called in as an adviser on £30,000 a week plus expenses, to sort it out.

Richard Thomson said...

What's even better is that after spending months slating the SNP on the economy with a variation on the 'do nothing' jibe being aimed at the Tories, this website is now highlighting 'real help' like the council tax freeze and cuts in small business rates in Scotland introduced by, er, the SNP.

Wonderful stuff!

Darwen Reporter Linda Preston said...

I thought maybe they'd sneaked back in the old master of spin, Alastair Campbell, to rewrite the history of the crisis!

Anonymous said...

And we are paying for this!

Man in a Shed said...

Surely this is just using tax payers money for political campaigning.

Why doesn't Sir Gus O'Donnell stop it ?

I wonder what it costs ?

The BBC suggests (ie Labour party press office has told them) is a sort of copy of an Obama idea.

Anonymous said...

that cant be right ..i clicked on "what does the future look like " ..and it didnt say .."crap"

Anonymous said...

Outright pigswill, full of lies and tractor production statistics from these parasites.

And a very fetching portrait of the pulchritudinous one-eyed Scottish idiot.

john miller said...

That's the one eyed moron's signature? Anyone who signs their name Bnwn instead of Brown has a serious problem. Perhaps he can't spell "billion" and thinks a "billion" is only a bit more than four and sixpence.

Any road up, the whole style of the signature suggests someone with deep and disturbing personal problems.