Thursday, January 15, 2009

Was it a nice watch?

Alan Duncan came under quite a bit of pressure last week with anonymous briefings against him suggesting he was going to be demoted from the Shadow Cabinet. I mention this because I found it mildly amsuing that on the Register of Members Interests he has recorded
Gift of a watch from the Government of Oman.
Now I always thought traditionally you got a watch when you retire. Do the Government of Oman know something we don't?

Update: Going on at least one of the comments I may need to start using [sarcasm][/sarcasm] tags.


Unsworth said...

Retirement watches are usually gold - does Alan Duncan indicate what it was made of?

But then what about all those Berlusconi watches given to the Blairs? Maybe they just couldn't take a hint.

Bill said...

From my recollection (I lived there for a while and know a lot of people who lived there too), the Sultan of Oman used to give out good watches (usually Rolex) on a pretty regular basis; it's got nothing to do with 'retirement'. I expect he still does. No doubt Alan Duncan is preceived to be a friend of the country; it's difficult to decline such gifts, in my experience, and they are a pretty routine feature in many Middle Eastern countries with nothing ulterior about them.

Lazy Student said...