Thursday, January 29, 2009

Second Home Allowances for Civil Servants?

The expenses of MPs and their use of allowances to maintain more than one property is well known, I was until today though unaware that a number of top brass civil servant also get benefit-in-kind second home allowances from the public purse too.

David Nicholson for example, received in 2007-08, a £37,600 second home allowance. Meanwhile Dr Bill Kirkup, Director-General, Clinical Programmes at the Department of Health received £25,800 for his London pad.

Meanwhile,. Chan Wheeler, the American and former Commercial Director at the Department of Health received a relocation package of £41,900 and a second home allowance of £90,600.

How many more top brass civil servants are receiving these sort of benefits in kind from the departments they work for I wonder?


Oldrightie said...

These are not the sort of things our faceless masters and the BBC like to tell us too loudly. So when they surface, it's hard to get understanding of how solidly the establisment shaft us all!

dizzy said...

Didnt realise it has appeared in Sunday Times. Found the figures in Hansard. Perhaps I should buy the paper more often! :)

Oldrightie said...

Heh, Dizzy, Hansard a better read by miles!

Anonymous said...

Do civil servants pay tax on these benefits, unlike MPs?

The real problem with the MP's scheme is that the MPs get a dispensation from the benefits in kind rules that apply to the rest of us.

Fahrenheit said...

And it's not just second home allowances.

Ken Boston, lately of QCA, got £50k in housing allowance, £30k p/a in flights to and from Australia for him and family, and an (admittedly unused) allowance for membership of the Sydney Yacht Club.

Plato said...

I recently worked at DH and there wasn't a squeak about this at all from anyone.

I was astonished or just maybe I'm totally out of touch :(