Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Justine Greening enters Plain English Award candidate

The following "question" from Justine Greening MP appears in Hansard.
Click image for larger version

First prize of being generally smug about it if you have a clue what she is talking about! Personally I think Jim Murphy's answer was quite amusing too - reading between the lines it just screams "do your nerdy researchers have nothing better to do?".


Croydonian said...

I feel sorry for the poor research assistant who typed up that question and then proofread it countless times. The answer from Murphy must have left the poor wretch feeling pretty deflated at all that labour in vain.

Giles said...

She's my local MP, and got elected on the back of banging on about pretty much nothing else but how she would stop the aircraft flying overhead. Given how New Tory she is, one cannot help suspected that JG is remarkably untalented not to have acquired more prominence in this Tory outfit - she is after all in the Treasury team, during a year in which the Economy ought to be a rather hot topic.

RobertD said...

Reply essentially says "We have stopped bothering with risk management, and have certainly decided not to share any of it with the public so F OFF".

A reply which speaks volumes as to the contempt with which the government is treating the country, and as such requires much wider publicity. Well spotted Dizzy