Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Gongs for Failure?

Since the whole Credit Crunch began we've heard quite a bit from politicians on all sides about greedy city bankers who are given bonuses for short term results rather than long term success. The Government and Opposition have both made the relevant noises about how such rewards are not justified.

I say this because I see that John Preiset, vetran senior civil servant at the DWP, and deputy strategic sourcing director for corporate IT at the department got a CBE in the New Years Honours List.

That would be the same DWP that pissed £300 million up the wall in three years on IT projects that it decided to cancel; and spent £2,141,410,000 on IT consultants between 2002 and 2007.

Rewards for long term success my fat post-Christmas arse!


kinglear said...

These people are such dickheads it beggars belief

Theoretician said...

to return to a topic close to your heart...
Former new labour minister cashes in on the MoD Monday, January 05, 2009
A former armed forces minister is making hundreds of thousands of pounds in consulting fees from helping defence companies win lucrative contracts with the MoD.

Adam Ingram, who served in Tony Blair's government from 2001-2007 as armed forces minister, has one of the highest salaries outside of Parliament. Since leaving government in June 2007 when Gordon Brown became Prime Minister, Ingram has earned over £170,000 in consulting fees from various companies and organisations, including several that do business with the MoD.

EDS which oversees much of the MoD's IT programmes and installation has paid Ingram £55,000 per year to advise them on winning government contracts including further work with the MoD. EDS has continued to win vital contracts from the MoD over the past year despite criticism over delays to certain high profile projects and the loss of personal data for several thousand servicemen.

Ingram was a minister at the MoD in 2005 when EDS won a multi-billion pound IT contract known as the defence information infrastructure (DII).

Among the other organisations and companies he takes a salary from are SignPoint Secure Ltd, an emergency communications company, and the International School for Security and Explosives Education both of which have done work with the MoD.

story from defence management journal

Read more here on EDS massive incompetance

Anonymous said...

Dizzy-It gets worse- have a look at


James Higham said...

Consistent, at least.

Thatsnews said...

I know someone who worked on the team of IT consultants who had to be at the beck and call of the uncivil serpents from DWP.

Stories of incompetence, duplicity and stupidity.

"They keep changing the bloody goalposts! We can't finish the damn project, because they keep changing what they want! And now they have the balls to complain about time and budget over run!" was what he told me.

Alex said...

It does what it says on the box. It creates Work and no doubt Mr Preiset or will that be Sir John, gets a fat Pension.