Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Formers MPs have £253,000 in pension overpayments written off

Back in December, Liam Byrne told Parliament how "a problem with payments to an estimated 5 per cent. of public service pensioners paid, by successive administrations dating back as much as 30 years, by the NHS, Teachers, Armed Forces, Judicial and Civil Service pension schemes" meant that some £126 million had been overpaid to people.

What wasn't mentioned was that £402,000 of that in just 10 years was overpaid to just 177 former MPs. Just 87 have been asked to make repayments to the tune of around £185,000 whilst £253,000 was written off. That £402,000 in ten years represents roughly 0.3% of the total £126 million in 30 years. That's a damn good pension huh?

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IanVisits said...

Would be interesting to know if any of the MPs who are not repaying their pension overpayment are the same ones calling for the former RBS boss to repay his pension.