Thursday, January 29, 2009

DCMS does and doesn't know what IT projects it has?

In response to a question from the Cardiff Central Lib Dem MP, Jenny Willott, the Department of Culture, Media and Sport appears to have dropped quite a clanger about the mess of their IT arrangements. When asked what ICT projects they have run from 1997, Junior Minister, Gerry Sutcliffe said,
My Department does not keep a formal register of IT projects.
A startling admission that they have bugger all records or idea what is going on in their department when it comes to projects they themselves have started. However it gets better. In the follow up question, Willott asked what ICT projects the department had abandoned since 1997. The response?

My Department has not abandoned any ICT projects since 1997.
If you have no formal register of projects how can you know with certainty that nothing has been abandoned?

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