Friday, January 02, 2009

Capitalism in Action

I wonder how the administrators feel about this.

People are even trying to sell the closing down posters!


Barnacle Bill said...

At our local Woolies they have the whole check-out for one 'undred Gordon Browns.
Thats cash till, card reader, the desk, the whole works.
I'm thinking of buying one to set up outside on the last day to see how many punters I can con!

Bill Quango MP said...

I took some tools from the maintenance department at one memorable closure.
Those buggers had 16 brand new Skil drills still in boxes.Cat No wonder that firm went bust.. there were only 2 maintenance guys.


I'll miss their pick & mix sweets. Lunchtimes just won't be the same anymore!

Lord Snooty said...

If I make you look a prick on every one, will you disable comments on all your posts?

"Telling. Very telling." You dick.

dizzy said...