Friday, January 16, 2009

At last some energy policy sanity!

I'm really interested and looking forward to the Labour response to the Tory Policy that has just been announced by David Cameron on building decentralised energy in the UK. Since 2006 I have posted four times about the need to decentralise energy, which is actually a Greenpeace idea originally, because it would produce self-sufficiency and better use of energy and also increase wealth for individuals with combined heat and power.
The fact is, using carbon sinking technology alongside decentralisation, whilst also using traditional methods as you build these systems is the most sensible way. This is not really, in my mind at least, about protecting the environment, its about using money more efficiently and allowing each of us to make money from renewable energy sources.

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Lola said...

He seemed to me to be trying to get away from the terrible soviet 'bureaucratic central planning knows best' scenario.

AKA let markets sort it out.