Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anonymous Tory insider does some stirring in the press?

I've just receieved a press release from Standpoint Magazine about two exclusive articles written by an anonymous Tory insider that effectively calls on Cameron to sack Steve Hilton because he is overrated and instead look towards the underrated Tim Montgomerie of Conservative Home instead.

Sounds like someone is seriously stirring to me, and I doubt that Tim will be particularly pleased to be the subject of the article even if it is bigging him up. After all, Conservative Home has gone from strength to strength and has achieved considerable access. An article like this might set back what has been achieved because there may be those that think it is sneaky maneouvering within the sub-text.

No doubt such an article will help Standpoint to get noticed a little more too, not that I would ever be so cynical as to think that it could in anyway be designed for such a purpose natch!

Apologies for the lack of links but am posting via email so can't do any at the moment.

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