Friday, November 21, 2008

Why I want a lobby pass *hic*

Everyone seems to be talking about bloggers getting lobby passes and being treated like proper hacks thanks to a Press Gazette article and a post by blogger Paul Linford who used to be part of the lobby.

Unlike Guido I won't turn up my nose at a Lobby Pass for fear of becoming part of the inside clique and compromising my integrity. If you're wondering why it's very simple. I would have it, but then never use except when I wanted to buy cheap alcohol.

Give me a pass now! I want to be able to buy taxpayer subsidised alcohol. I want to be able to pop into the bars at will and eat those nifty little free canapes they put out for everyone.

I've been paying income tax for the past 17 years and you know what? I want some of my money back!


G Eagle Esq said...

"....subsisidses .... "

Buon Giorno, Senor Dizzy

Your aspiration is sensibly understandable


How confident can we be that you don't already have access to les Boozes with one of these Passes ???

Alles Gute


Anonymous said...

sell out!

get me a bottle

tory boys never grow up said...

Looks like there may be other ways to tap into a nice tax payers' subsidy courtesy of the House of Commons - but watchout Mr Dale may have got there first

You just have to be nicer to the Tory Party and I'm sure a nice Tory MP will oblige!

Guido Fawkes said...

Guido had lunch for three with three course and three bottles of wine in the house today. Total cost £106.

Not bad for London...

give Dizzy what he wants said...

Your heartfelt plea for cheap plonk and tasty nibbles was deeply moving and unusually honest in these dark times Dizzy, only the stone hearted could deny you now? I beseech thee Lobby!!!!!!

When and if you make it have one for me brother! *wipes tear*

dizzy said...

Amen brother Guido. Amen!