Tuesday, November 25, 2008

**** VAT TO RISE TO 18.5% IN 2011 ****

The Tax Bombshell is EXPOSED - it only took a day!

Guido's documentary scoop.

The ante was just upped!Labour's VAT Bomb
Get your own at Scribd or explore others: Government tax vat

Note: The 45% income tax hike will raise £1.5bn, this tax will raise £5bn.


kinglear said...

What's the surprise? OF COURSE they were going to lift the VAT rate. I'm only surprised its so little...

Miller 2.0 said...

Ever read the paper?

Anonymous said...

Errr... told you!

Vindico said...

I understand this has been flatly ruled out by the Treasury? Apparently it was one of the options but they were in such a hurry, changing up to the last minute, that is slipped through to the final publications.

Dominic Allkins said...

>> Vindico

Are we really expected to believe that. It's just the spin because they've been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

WV: QUESI - just how I feel about the PBR now