Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Political Studies Association 2008 Awards - they're mad!

The Political Studies Association have just announced their 2008 Awards. Boris Johnson wins Politician of Year, Vince Cable wins Parliamentarian of the year, and Frank Field wins Backbencher of the year.

Strangely Steve Richards from the Independent won an award and was praised for "proper, fair-minded analysis of the problems created by – and afflicting – Gordon Brown, offering refreshingly insightful reading amid the mass of superficial writing on the subject."

Hmmm, this is the man who said voters were not clever if they didn't vote for Livingstone, had problems counting and other assorted amusement.

There was a classic response to the PSA from Guido on this, he simply said, "Steve Richards political journalist of the year? You are all mad." Too true. Too true.

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