Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A list speaks a thousand words

British Foreign Policy in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Dubai as illustrated by those who accompanied Gordon Brown there recently.

We need oil - swap you nuclear for it?
  • Mike Beaumont—Foster Wheeler Energy Ltd.;
  • Malcolm Brinded CBE—Shell (Royal Dutch Shell)
  • Philip Cox—International Power
  • Tom Delay—The Carbon Trust
  • Philip Green—United Utilities
  • Dr. Tony Hayward—BP
  • Lady Barbara Judge—United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
  • Sam Laidlaw—Centrica
  • Professor Keith Burnett CBE FRS—Sheffield University
  • Professor Malcolm Grant CBE MA LLD—University College London
  • Right hon. Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean
We'll sell you some nice planes with cool engines to go with your palaces.
  • Sir John Rose—Rolls-Royce
Then we'll build and manage the airstrips so you can land.
  • Christopher Hyman—Serco Group plc
Don't worry about the insurance premiums. We can do you a good deal.
  • Lord Levene of Portsoken KBE—Lloyd's of London
  • John Napier—Royal and Sun Alliance
The banks could do with some cash though and some business.
  • David Hodgkinson—HSBC Holdings
  • Peter Sands—Standard Chartered Bank
We can even install personal ATMs for you to access the cash from the banks in the comfort of your own palace.
  • Leo Quinn—De La Rue
We'll even build the banks for you and other nice looking offices. We like vegetable shapes in London you know.
  • Graham Cartledge—Benoy
  • Tony Douglas—Laing O'Rourke
  • John McDonough—Carillion
  • Mouzhan Majidi—Foster + Partners
  • Ian Tyler—Balfour Beatty
We'll make sure you have the technology to defend the tall buildings as well. Planes, trains, tanks, you name it! No one will fly anything into them... oh.
  • Angad Paul—Caparo Group
  • Dick Olver—BAE Systems
If all else fails we might even return some of the stuff we've "borrowed" all those years ago. Please be our friends.
  • Neil MacGregor—British Museum
  • Sir Nicholas Serota—The Tate
Don't worry about him, he's just making the numbers up for the rest of them.
  • Richard Lambert—CBI


Barnacle Bill said...

Did we pay for all that lot to accompany our glorious unelected Leader?
As well as all his spin doctors, entrails readers and other assorted NuLabor wonks!

Anonymous said...

Wish them well hope they sign lots of business.

Anonymous said...

So the Tories won't do this sort of thing then Dizzy?

dizzy said...

I just knew some tit would say something like this. Of ocurse they will and I would still do the post taking the piss.