Tuesday, November 04, 2008

It's not data unless it's yours?

Apparently,. according to Chris Bryant MP, amswering for the Leader of the Commons,
In the last 12 months one laptop has been reported stolen from the Leader of the House of Commons Office. The laptop was used to update the office website and did not contain any personal data or other sensitive information. No data have been lost.
Errr.. excuse me? You lost a laptop. What;s more a functioning laptop. Of course data have been lost. What you mean is "we didn't lost millions of records of personal infromation like our tithead colleagues in other departments".

What you did lose though was a profile on the laptop that contains login details, cookies, browsing habits, passwords etc etc. If the laptop connected to the GSI then that supposedly non-data could be very useful.


T England said...

Also, I wonder what information might be found if one was to run an undelete prog on it?
Anyhow, "no data has been lost"!

Great example of how stupid some people are when it comes to understanding IT & security.

Dave said...

It says a lot that one of the most heavily policed/defended buildings in the UK can lose so many PCs, chairs, etc.
These imbeciles are trying to control every aspect of our lives with constant video surveillance, monitoring our emails and phone calls, collecting every bit of data about us- and then losing it all.
They're trying to take over Nominet now and yet they still don't understand how a computer works (why- you just switch it on don't you?), they don't understand the first thing about computer security and they haven't a clue about how to secure a building from thieves. Words fail me.
Word ver= worped. Says it all really

Anonymous said...

Why no blog on the infamous Minister J.Purnell MP and his gross negliegence with his Red Box on a train anf his lost Government Documents.
The Daily Mirror gave a full report last Sunday and other sycophantic press gave a sanatized report if any actually reported it.
The Media can be well harnessed by Purnell because of his background and contacts with the BBC,Press,and TV moguls,but please not you as well Dizzy

dizzy said...

I didnt really read the paper on Sunday so missed it. Sorry