Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I can work when I want!

Away from the fun and games in Washington, the European Parliament are voting on the endorsement of the British opt-out from the working time directive. Whilst Brown is officially committed to the op-out his Labour MEPs are not and are looking to vote down the opt-out.

This mornign on the Today programme some Labour MEP was trying to argue that the opt-out was a matter of health and safety and no individual is allowed to opt-out of it as a matter of principle.

To which I say, what about the principle that if I want to work my bollocks off for 60- hours a week, why can't I and what right does a load of MEPs that have no link with my country have in telling me I can't?


Dog Rustler said...

The health and safety argument is spurious. If the directive allows a worker to do 12 60 hour weeks (in return for a shorter working week in lieu), why would a 13th week suddenly imperil your health or your safety?

In this time of recession, many people will be desperate for overtime and will need every hour they can work just to pay the bills and the mortgage.

Of course low pay isn't great but we're not going to fix that overnight. But the directive could make people homeless if they can't meet their mortgage.

eu007 said...

I'm just assuming this isn't going to happen or there's some loophole. The alternative is too depressing.

Not a sheep said...

Soon you will have no rights other than those given to you by the EU and their chosen UK provincial government.

Shaun said...

Surely the disturbing thing is that the most notable numbers of 60hr+ weekers are... Junior Doctors. So the govt could stop this 'outrage' at any time they wanted - plus you'd think if it was a real H&S issue, the care provided by these doctors would be at the forefront of the debate!