Monday, November 10, 2008

How mass immigration could cause problems for policing the Olympics?

Interesting summary finding by the Home Affairs Select Committee have been published today noting that immigration is causing significant problems for the Police. Specifically, the "public expectations of the police are not being met" and one of the primary functions causing this is because,
"Foreign nationals take longer and cost more for police forces to process than British citizens. Rapid immigration has led to funding shortfalls in some force areas."
More worryingly was the Select Committees finding that they
"found it difficult to assess whether the service has the capacity to respond to a major terrorist attack or manage large-scale events such as the Olympics".
So we have a police service that is overstretched, underfunded and might not be able to cope with the massive influx of people at the Olympics and the threat that such an event will bring in terms of terrorism.

No doubt the Government will reel out the tractor statistcis on how they've put more police on the streets and that crime is going down. However, as is clear, ther tractor stats have a tendency towards having hidden truths.

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T England said...

EVERYONE apart from Labour could see the trouble uncontrolled immigration could bring & not only for the olympics, Woolas said last month "Our asylum failure 'has spread misery and division'.

Mind you!
Labour in general have spread misery & division but then that's just Labour!

Me Myself! I'm SO looking forward I dont think, to seeing someone run faster than somebody else in a stadium that we cant really afford in a country we cant secure.

Labours Britain, mad or what?