Thursday, November 06, 2008

Expectations Management begins for Glenrothes

An interesting piece by Ben Brogan appeared last night saying,
By the way, Labour word is that Glenrothes is a lost cause. The SNP will take it by 1500, give or take 500. I don't detect a Brown Central attempt to prepare a "shock" win. Instead they say that had they had a few days more it might have made a difference, and that without Gordon and Sarah Brown's personal intervention the result would be far worse.
Sounds liek the expetations management breifings have kicked off. Note the "Gordon made it be not quite so bad" line?


T England said...

I can't believe Labour are still deluding themselves that they can win anything!
Anyhow! It's not fair that Scotland gets to give Labour so many kickings before we boot them out of office, I want a go :o)

Mr Eugenides said...

Particularly interesting, as all the SNP people I have talked to about Glenrothes are genuinely of the opinion that Labour have come back in the last few weeks and, to a man - and in the knowledge that I wasn't planning to blog their responses - think that Labour have done enough to hold on.

I smell expectations management as well; I think Brogan is being played.