Friday, November 28, 2008

Competent Government?

Some choice snippets of "information" provided by the Department for Energy and Climate Change ovre the past month in response to written questions.

How many staff does the Department for Energy and Climate Change have; where are they employed via; from what age range are they; what are their conditions of employment; are they consultants?
"Sorry, we just don't know" - 4th November 2008, 11th November, 17th November, 18th November, 25th November.
What is the budget of the Department for Energy and Climate Change?

"Well... we don't have one, we might soon, but we don't now. We're not sure you see. We run for free honestly." - 4th November, 5th November, 18th November, 20th November, 25th November.
What regulators and agencies is the Department for Energy and Climate Change responsible for?

"Look, will you please stop asking these questions. We just don't know OK! It might be my arse, or it could be his elbow. Either way we'll be sitting on his elbow. Happy?" - 4th November, 4th November, 5th November, 5th November.
Perhaps DECC should stand for Department for Empty-headedness and Complete Callowness instead?
Note: Answers in red may be comedic exagerrations of the actual words in the sourced links.


McSweeney said...

Probably fairer to say that the department is still being set up so the exact detail of which staff transfer where is still being decided. It's not like the fancy government annoucement actually achieves anything - all the detail needs to be sorted out by the minions.

What is a waste of time is the asking of these questions over and over, the answering of which takes civil service staff time which might be more meaningfully deployed.

Shug Niggurath said...

The way I'm used to these bams answer I only realised the red quotes were jokey on 'We run for free honestly' (and on that one I actually thought it was one of the bams making the joke).